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Sundrum Arts was created by myself, David Sundrum, in 2001.

I've worked on a variety of different types of creative projects in my life, everything from film and photography, to design and development. I prefer working with talented and brilliant individuals who share a passion for what they do, enjoy learning new things forever, and have a good sense of humor too.

I have a strong background in fine arts. Studying at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago were defining experiences for me.

The mobile web is a passion. I find many of the constraints in designing for the mobile web similar to conditions during the early days of the internet. Slow or poor connection speeds, being forced to limit file sizes, tiny screens and more are issues we have to deal with today, just as we did years ago.

Drawing and sketching is what I do most. I love pencils and paper. I find it interesting that the wood around pencils, their carbon filling, and the paper drawn on all come from trees. Drawing can be seen as a form of recycling.